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Do you Have the Right Pump for the Job?

Shower with good water pressure

You can put your car in second gear to go up a hill, or you can put it in third, and in both cases you’ll get to the top, but one will be more efficient. The same principle applies when choosing a pump for your home pressure system.

Darlene Henshaw, Operations Manager at PASLR says pumps are often blamed when things go wrong in a home pressure system, yet nine times out of ten there’s nothing wrong with the pump itself, and the best way to avoid inconvenience is to ensure you have the correct pump for your particular situation.

“It’s important to recognise you don’t necessarily need to spend a huge amount of money on a pump, but having someone who understands pumps and performance curves will ensure you have the right pump for your requirements,” she says. Not getting the water pressure you desire? Maybe your requirements have changed or you’re putting more pressure on your system?

How PASLR spec a pump

Things to consider:

  • water source;
  • proposed location of the pump;
  • maximum pressure required; and
  • flow rate.

Click on image for more detail:

Water pump pressure and flow chart

It doesn’t matter how many bedrooms your house has, after all water isn’t being pumped into your bedrooms. What’s more important are factors such as; how many people are in your house using water at any given time, how many bathrooms you have, what type of appliances you use (are they modern water saving devices or do they demand a lot of water) and how you’re using your household water.

The layout of your home also needs to be considered as feeding water to the second or third story of a house or throughout a very long property can also affect the type of pump power you need.

Lifestyle and personal preference will also come into play – some people want to be able to run their washing machine and dishwasher at the same time and know that if they chose to take a shower they won’t sacrifice water pressure.

Remember: For every inch of pipe water flows through you’ll lose pressure. If your ensuite is fifty metres from the tank then your shower pressure may not be as good as it is in a bathroom which is much closer to the tank.

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