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Available 24/7 for emergencies

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How to protect (and conceal) your pump

Designed in New Zealand the new Davey Pump Cover fits 100% of the Davey domestic pump range perfectly. The best part – they are also manufactured right here.

Ross Muggeridge, Commercial Pump Engineer for Davey Water Products says they regularly receive requests for pump covers, however customers often complain that other manufacturer’s products are either too flimsy and don’t last or aren’t the right size.

“Through that customer feedback we saw a gap in the market to design something that would work for Davey customers and our Davey Master Dealers could sell with assurance. Not only has this product been designed specifically for the Davey range of pumps, but it is robust and built to last with a twenty-year UV protection warranty,” he says.

The Davey Pump Cover has also been designed to allow enough space to house a pump with a pressure tank on top and is large enough to keep the pump operating cool, with large vents on both sides to allow for ample unrestricted air flow.

Davey pump cover - Mist Green
Davey pump cover - Light Grey
Davey pump cover - Black
Davey pump cover - Beige

Three reasons to use a pump cover

  1. Protect your pump from the elements – extreme cold or excessive rain can put your pump under unnecessary duress and can result in a build-up of gunk in and around the pump. Prolonged UV radiation from the sun can also cause some materials to degenerate, they can lose strength, become brittle, crack and even disintegrate
  2. Protect your pump from tampering – whether it’s a stray soccer ball, curious kids who just can’t help but touch, or the local wildlife, keep your pump out of sight, out of mind
  3. Keep your pump area looking neat and tidy – while you may be proud of your Davey pump, you may not want it out on display in the back yard

The Davey Pump Cover comes in four colours: Light Grey, Mist Green, Beige and Black and is compatible with the following pumping systems:

  • HPS Systems – DynaDrive, HP, HS, HM, XJ and XP Series, TotalFlo Series, Azure Series, Garden Series
  • Pool Pumps – Silensor SLS & SLL, StarFlo, Whisper
  • Commercial Pumps – VM1-11, VM3-9, VM5-6, VM10-3, CD’s, CS up to CS40160-4.03

Whatever your pumping requirements, our team of experts can help you find the solution you need. Call us on 0800 255 786 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.

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