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Should I Replace my Pump or Repair it?

Servicing a Davey pumpWe often talk about how important it is not to treat your pump as an isolated piece of equipment. What happens in your entire home pressure system is going to determine what type of pump you require. If your pump isn’t performing as you think it should then taking a big picture look at your system will help to determine the best course of action. So, the first question to ask when considering whether to repair or replace your pump is – Do you have the correct pump for the job?

Installation of a pump by a qualified technician means you’ll be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so if your pump is less than two years old then any repairs or parts required will be covered.*

Regular maintenance and servicing of your pump will ensure it works to optimum and our technicians always check the whole system to ensure any problems or issues (even if they’re not obvious to you) can be dealt with quickly – not only to protect your pump but to ensure you’re getting the flow and pressure you require.

*submersible pumps come with a 1-2 year warranty due to the adverse conditions they operate in.

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Should you repair or replace? If your pump won’t start and you suspect it’s an electrical fault it could be a simple and inexpensive fix such as replacing the start capacitor. However, if the pump won’t start it could indicate the motor has burnt out which is a much more expensive and labour intensive part to replace. Talk to one of our team for their recommendations on the best options, while we work out whether it’s better to fix or replace your pump we can offer you a loan pump to keep you up and running.

How to choose the right pump

Not all pumps are the same, so choosing the right pump for your specific requirements is really important. Helping you choose a pump that provides you with both the pressure and flow you’re expecting is what the PASLR team are experts in.

Understanding pressure and flow

Flow is how much water a pump can deliver per minute and this is measured in litres per minute (lpm).

Pressure is the force at which the pump delivers the water (anyone who takes a shower will understand the importance of pressure!) and this is measured in kilopascals (kPa).

Matching your pressure with your required water flow is crucial in ensuring your home runs efficiently.

First – work out how much water and pressure you need. There are two critical questions we will ask you before beginning the pump selection process;

  1. How many bathrooms do you have?
  2. How many people are living in the house?

Other questions we will ask are; Do you have regular visitors staying in your home? How many people and how often are they in the shower, using the toilet, getting a drink, doing a load of washing all at the same time? Consider the services within your home such as main pressure hot water cylinder, toilet, bathroom, shower, dishwasher, washing machine – we need an accurate picture of how you use your water so we can establish your maximum loading (i.e. how much water at any given time you’ll need to be able to access throughout your home). Only then we can match your required water to the correct pressure.

Second – go back to the source (in most cases, the tank). Is it above ground, partially underground, or underground? This will affect your pump choice, for example, if your tank is underground the water in it creates a negative suction situation for the pump – so you‘ll need a jet pump or a pump suited to suction lift.

Which pump is right for my situation?

Medium sized multi-stage pump (HS range) with auto controller

A low power consumption, quiet and compact four stage pump for high pressure domestic applications. Ideal for medium to large size single or multi-storey homes. Is ideal for underground tanks or when the pump is situated some distance from the home. Suitable for suction lift and flooded suction. Our best all round domestic pump.

Maximum flow: 80 lpm and 110 lpm

Maximum pressure: 470 kPa to 490 kPa

60 lpm, 90 lpm, 160 lpm or 270 lmp Multistage Pump (HM range) with auto controller

Great for high flow and high pressure applications such as larger homes or even small motels. This is an all stainless steel pump with hydraulic components and is compact, economical and quiet running. They are also easy to convert to a pressure system if additional draw off is required.

Maximum flow: 60 lpm to 270 lpm

Maximum pressure: up to 680 kPa

Small capacity multi-stage pump (HP range)

Robust and compact with whisper quiet operation this pump provides strong even pressure for smaller single-level homes.

Maximum flow: 70 lpm, 100 lpm and 140 lpm

Maximum pressure: 330 kPa

50 lpm, 70 lpm or 90 lpm Jet Pump with auto controller (XJ range)

Ideal for underground tanks and shallow wells, this is an economical, robust and compact pump. The single stage centrifugal pump with closed vane impeller and jet assist is designed for smaller systems or larger systems with long suction lines or suction lift requirements. Suitable for medium to large size, single and multi-storey homes and a variety of water qualities, irrigation and turf watering systems and automatic general water transfer.

Maximum flow: 50 lpm, 70 lpm and 90 lpm

Maximum pressure: up to 480 kPa

Auto Controllers

We use the Torrium2 – an intelligent controller designed to supply pressure boosted water with constant flow and even water pressure to domestic households. It also incorporates several levels of pump protection.

Why buy a pump from PASLR?

When you buy a pump from PASLR you are fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which means should you have any problems whatsoever you are protected – if it has been installed to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only registered Davey Premium Master Dealers can sell and install Davey pumps with an onsite warranty, so beware of ‘cheaper’ products on the market and always insure you have all the information you need to make the right choice, the support you need to ensure installation and maintenance for your pump, and a full warranty.

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