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What is a Shut Off Valve and Why Install One?

Technician servicing a home pressure and filtration systemPASLR build systems for ease of maintenance. This means, that each time we perform routine checks and maintenance we make slight improvements to ensure your home pressure system is not only working at optimum but is efficient for us to take care off. This can include installing shut off valves.

What is a shut off valve?

A shut off valve is a small controller which sits within a home pressure system and is used to shut off water flow to certain parts of the system.

What are the benefits of a shut off valve?
  • Makes maintenance quicker and easier as you can shut off parts of the system and not have to stop flow to other areas. i.e. the plumber can do work on your toilet while you run the water for a cup of tea
  • Makes fault finding easier by enabling you to isolate certain areas of the system while investigating
  • You don’t have to empty the whole tank when doing fault finding/maintenance – saving you both time and money
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