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Why Pump Controllers Fail

Shower with good water pressure

The single most common reason a pump controller fails is due to a build-up of ‘muck’ in the internals of the controller.

Typically, tank water collected off a roof catchment contains bacteria which with the addition of summer heat can develop bacterial growth. This not only smells but can coat the flow detector plate and pressure detector with a thick coating of gunk. When this happens it reduces the sensitivity and reliability of the device. This often happens after a period of no use such as when a home owner has been away on holiday, and is most common in the warmer months of the year.

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The simple way to prevent your controller failing is to have it serviced regularly by a qualified service technician. Servicing includes a thorough clean out of both the pump and the controller.

Another common cause of pump failure is damage from voltage spikes and surges. The majority of pump controllers don’t have built-in protection, so using a surge protector device is the only way to reduce this risk.

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Why the Davey Torrium®2 Controller is a good choice

The Torrium®2 is our pump controller of choice and we firmly stand behind the reputable Davey brand. The intelligent controller effectively supplies pressure boosted water with constant flow and even water pressure to domestic households – provided your pipework is up to spec and in good working order.

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Davey Torrium 2 controller
Constant flow, even water pressure and boosting

Start your dishwasher, pop a load of washing on and then jump in the shower – no problem. No annoying fluctuations in water temperature during showers, just constant flow and even water pressure. The intelligent system provides quick cut-in giving you strong pressure from the start and intuitively adapts to the demand of the household.

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Greater hydraulic performance and reliability

Energy efficient with larger water pathways and no moving parts in the pathways the likelihood of blockages is significantly reduced and ensures you receive greater reliability and performance with varying water quality.

Pump protection

If the Torrium®2 detects loss of prime (no water supply) it will shut the pump off and will automatically attempt to restart after set intervals of time. It also cuts the pump if high water temperatures or excessive electrical current are detected. All these avoid damage to both the pump and the controller.

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Power surge protection

The Torrium®2 is the only pump controller on the market with an MOV (metal oxide varistor) – a built-in device which protects the unit from voltage spikes and surges. With a life of about 6 – 8 voltage events, plugging the Torrium®2 into a surge protector device will significantly extend the life of the both the MOV and the controller.

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Easy installation and electrical connection

Installation is quick and easy saving you time on the job and we can easily connect the Torrium®2 to your current pumping system.

Click here for more technical information about the Davey Torrium®2 Controller or pick up the phone and talk to one of our experts on how the Torrium®2 can improve your home water pressure system.

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