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Why Should I Fit an Alarm on my Sewerage Pump?

Following safety protocols when a sewage pump failsDealing with a sewerage problem is no one’s idea of a good time, and while regular maintenance of your residential sewerage pump will ensure your pump and system are working correctly, there are always occasions when the unforeseen can happen.

Sewage pumps can stop working if the wrong materials get caught between the pump housing and the impeller. Fibrous or solid items either wind around the impeller or jam in-between parts to stop the pump and cause a fuse to blow.

When our technicians are dealing with raw sewerage there are additional safety protocols they need to follow, such as wearing disposable protective clothing which adds an additional cost to your service fee.

Having a visual and audial alarm on your sewerage pump means that should a problem arise with your pump you’ll know about it immediately – before you have raw sewerage on your front lawn.

What’s involved? In many cases, a small control box is simply fitted to your pump which alerts you when the pump has stopped working.

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