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Why you shouldn’t buy a pump online

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Online shopping is one of the greatest things in our lifetime – it’s convenient, quick and easy, and has become a great way to get what you want when you want it with just the click of a button. However, there are some things which should never be purchased online – and pumps is one of them.

Sure, you may have been searching the wild, wild web and found yourself an “absolute bargain”, but purchasing a pump is full of complexities and there are a few things you should know …

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  • If you choose to install a pump yourself (or using your tradie) make sure it’s installed to the manufacturer’s operating and installation instructions otherwise its warranty most certainly will be void meaning that, if something fails on your pump, you will be left to deal with a warranty issue yourself.
  • Parallel imported pumps have the potential to not be covered under warranty by the company in New Zealand. This is crucial if you’re spending a significant amount on a piece of equipment you hope will last.
  • Most high-quality pump manufacturers have strict internet policies which forbid dealers or retailers from selling their pumps online. If you notice a brand of pumps for sale online, perhaps they aren’t the best quality, or they could even be a knock-off of the original.
  • Lack of technical and after purchase support. Having someone who knows how your pump was installed and keeps records of when it is due for a maintenance service guarantees the longevity of your pump and means if anything goes wrong you have someone local and reliable who is just a phone call away.
  • Spares and parts might not be available. Ever had a European car and lost the key, only to find you need a replacement cut in Germany? When it comes to servicing your pump and sourcing parts, you need to know these are quick and easy to get hold of.
  • There are so many factors to consider when choosing a pump and you may find the pump you’ve found online doesn’t fit with your existing pipework or system. Be careful too of misleading imagery or incorrect specs online.
  • Not all pumps are approved for NZ conditions, which means you may end up with a pump which is not fit to purpose.

We can help you find the best pump to suit your requirements – taking into consideration what it will be used for, where it is located, what components are in the rest of your system and how much water you need to transfer and at what pressure. All our pumps are installed to manufacturer’s specifications and come with a full warranty, easy access to replacement parts and a capable and qualified team to help you keep your pump in the best possible condition. Give the PASLR team a call today on 0800 255 786 or pop into the showroom and let us help you find the pump you need.

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