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Ensuring Your Home Pressure System and Pump is at its Best

Technicians servicing home pressure and filter system

Servicing – what we do and why we do it

The PASLR team of technicians specialise in home pressure systems – when they call on you for a service check it’s their job to ensure all components in the system are working at maximum capacity so you’re getting the results you need. We check all fittings, valves, the suction line and pump, provide pump performance curves and advise you on improvements, we also bring in Hydraulic Engineers for jobs outside of our scope.

Darlene Henshaw, Director at PASLR says a lot of effort has been put into getting the process around home pressure system servicing right. “We’ve invested a lot of training in our technicians to ensure they are working to best practice. We are always striving to improve the level of service we give and with technology changing so fast, we’re committed to being up to task,” she says.

Pressure tanks – taking a load off the pump

The technology of the modern pump coupled with the way we use water in homes means we no longer install a new pump without a pressure tank. The home appliances used these days put higher demand on home pressure systems than they did twenty years ago, and pumps themselves are no longer manufactured the same way – they are still robust but have some components which are now made of plastic.

Having a pressure tank in place provides dampening protection from water hammer and when you turn on the tap it takes water from the pressure tank first and not the pump – reducing pump wear and tear. Traditionally a pressure tank would sit on top of a pump, but this causes unnecessary weight on the pump so is no longer best practice.

If the suction line sucks…or doesn’t

For your suction line to perform at its very best, the pipe needs to be the same diameter as the inlet to your pump. Old pipework is often a lot smaller in diameter and over time can cause deluge to build up, restricting the flow and adding extra stress on your pump – this can also cause you to lose up to 20L/min – something to consider if you’re having a less than enjoyable shower. Changing out your suction pipe is a fairly low-cost exercise compared to replacing a pump because it’s been overworked. We often find the hardening of the ground can move pipes and fittings in the system too, so regular checks ensure the whole system is working at capacity.

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