Is your water cooler provider up to scratch?

Helpful tips to ensure safe and healthy purified water from your water cooler or fountain.

Hygiene is the number one reason to keep on top of your water cooler maintenance. With lots of people drinking out of the of the office water cooler the safety of your staff is really important. If you’re having your water cooler serviced by us, then rest assured you’re in good hands. If not, our Water Cooler Experts have compiled a list of handy tips to help you ensure your water cooler is being serviced to the highest standard.

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What to look for from your water cooler service provider

Dirty and unhealthy water cooler in need of cleaning
If there’s mould in your cooler it’s a sure sign you’re well overdue a service.
  1. Are they changing your filters regularly? Filters have a lifespan measured by either length of time or litres passing through them – if you don’t change them at the specified time bacteria can start reproducing inside the filter and making its way into to your drinking water. The whole point of having filtered water is to ensure it is safe and potable. If you’re in a large office with lots of people using the cooler then you’ll need to change your filters more regularly.
  2. Are they giving your cooler a thorough clean every three or six months? Whether your cooler is bottle top or plumbed in it should be sterilised every three months or six months. If you have a bottle top cooler make sure it is filled with cleansing solution and left to sit for 30 minutes before being scrubbed and then thoroughly rinsed to remove any chemical residue. Ensure they are sterilising your reservoir and flushing out the condenser too to avoid bacteria growing.
  3. Are they removing taps, flushing them out and cleaning them? This is something which is often overlooked but is crucial to ensure that your water is safe and healthy – from the water source right through to your cup.
  4. Are they storing your water bottles safely? Leaving bottled water sitting in direct sunlight for extensive periods can cause the plastic to start to react and contaminate the water inside. Likewise, if you’re receiving deliveries of bottled water off the back of a truck, wheeled through a busy street and then offloaded into a storeroom it could end up covered in dust and grime – ensure your water is being stored safely to avoid muck making its way into the water.
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If you’re not experiencing this level of service PASLR can help. Not only do we have a professional team who work to the strictest health and safety standards – ensuring your water is clean and healthy, we also have cooler coolers than anyone else!

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Unhealthy scum in a water cooler overflow container
Cleaned and sanitised water cooler overflow container
Dirty water cooler components
Cleaned and sanitised water cooler components

If you can write your name in the scum in the bottom of your reservoir you are overdue a service!

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