Specialised Water Cooler Maintenance - Who's Cooler Than Us?

We’ve expanded our business to include water cooler servicing and we are now providing specialised maintenance including filter changes to customers in North and West Auckland.

Bruce Jordaan, one of our resident specialists, takes great pride in his work and isn’t afraid to let you know about the consequences of dirty filters.

“Filters only have a certain life – measured by length of time or by number of litres passing through – whichever comes first. As per recommendations from the manufacturer you need to change them at the specified time otherwise you’re going to start to get bacteria reproducing inside the filter and coming through to your drinking water,” he says.

What’s involved in a detailed service
  • Water bottle is emptied out
  • Water bottle filled with water and hydrogen peroxide
  • Solution left to sit for 30 minutes
  • Bottle inside is cleaned with a special bottle brush
  • Water bottle is rinsed twice to remove any chemical residue
  • Water bottle is refilled with filtered water
  • Reservoir, which keeps the water cold, is sterilised
  • Taps are removed, flushed out and cleaned
  • Condenser in the heat exchange area is flushed out

Water cooler cleaning is regulated and the work we perform is guided by national standards. Thorough cleaning of the systems is required at three or six-monthly service intervals, with timely filter changes being of utmost importance.

We take care of scheduling all recommended services and notes are recorded directly into our system via the technician’s iPad at the time of servicing. We also write on the filters to ensure a change date is not missed.

PASLR now sell a range of water coolers – both freestanding bottle coolers and plumbed in water fountains. Call us on 0800 255 786 for more information.

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