Need Electrical Maintenance? You're in Safe Hands

When you’re working with electricity, in adverse conditions or confined spaces there are no second chances, which is why we absolutely will not compromise on safety.

All of our field team have recently undergone re-training on working in confined spaces. This means our team work to best practice and comply with all government safety regulations.

Our weekly operations meetings are focussed on ensuring both our team and our customers stay safe on every job, every time. Sometimes this means we need two or three people on a job to ensure we meet the safety standards. While a job may look like a simple one-person operation, sometimes a second or third man is needed to carefully monitor potentially harmful gas levels and be on stand-by to ensure the safety of our team and those nearby.

The risks of DIY – As Kiwis we pride ourselves on being resourceful and able to do things ourselves, but when it comes to the service we provide, we won’t cut corners and we insist on doing things the right way every time. “There are strict guidelines in place around jobs which require two people to carry them out and something customers don’t always realise is that if you don’t adhere to these laws and something goes wrong on a job site then both the contractor (us) and the customer are liable,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager. “We make sure we’re covered as a company by working to best practice, and we also ensure the company that we’re working for is covered.”

It’s also a timely reminder to ensure the right people are doing your lighting or electrical maintenance and repairs. At PASLR our mobile team are registered electricians able to complete electrical repairs on site fully complying with the latest legislation from the Electrical Workers Registration Board giving you peace of mind with Electrical Safety Certificates and Certificates of Compliance where necessary.

PASLR also holds significant liability insurance and our Health & Safety compliance is independently audited and certified each year.

With PASLR on the job you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

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