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Handy Tips - DIY Pump Maintenance

Home pump and pressure system

We’ve come up with a handy list of what you can do yourself to keep your home pump system in fit condition to ensure it is working at optimum.

If your property relies on a home pressure system, then ensuring your pump is in good working order means you’ll get the quality and quantity of water you expect when you turn on the tap. But it’s not just taking care of the pump, regular checks of the whole system are imperative. There are some easy things you can do to keep your pump in tip top shape, and some things that are better left to the experts.

Pump Maintenance – What you can do

They may seem simple but these quick and easy checks, if done regularly, can go a long way to help you avoid unnecessary problems and catch potential hazards before they cause major damage.

  1. Check your tank water levels – running out of water can cause your pump to cut out and can mean you are left with blocked pipes as sediment and debris gather in the bottom of the tank. For the system to run smoothly, plenty of clean water is needed. Regular checks regardless of the weather or the season mean you won’t get caught short.
  2. Check for unusual noises – a clunk, a bang, a rattle or a straining sound are often tell-tale signs something is not right. Have someone run the water in your home while you listen to the pump turn on and off again. If you hear something that doesn’t sound right give us a call.
  3. Keep the pump safe and dry – Make sure the pump is sheltered from the weather and has adequate drainage in the event of leakage and/or weather ingress. Ensuring your pump is in a safe and dry environment and clear of debris helps it perform well.

Pump Maintenance – When to call in an Expert

PASLR technician on siteWe don’t cut corners with our regular maintenance calls, ensuring you are getting the best possible care for your pump or home pressure system with our comprehensive service. Here’s what our experts cover in a routine maintenance check…

  • Motor capacitor readings
  • Pressure vessel/tank charged to the correct pressure
  • Cleaning of the water tank and gutters
  • Filters changed regularly (every 6 months) and UV lamp (every 12 months)
  • Check and clean suction line strainer (prefilter)
  • Bearing noise check
  • Check pump is sheltered from the weather and has adequate drainage
  • Clean the quartz sleeve within the UV sterilisation
  • Change O rings annually on UV sterilisation along with the lamp
  • Check the non-return valve
  • Check aerating screens in indoor taps
  • Check for leaks including cistern leaks
  • Appliance safety tagged
  • Check controller operation
  • Check pressure and flow rate of pump
  • Check the pump turning on and off
  • Ensure all pipework is sealed and supported

Give one of our team a call to book in a service for your pump or home pressure system and leave it to the experts.

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