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Why Home Pressure System Maintenance is Important

Home pressure system maintenance

Choosing not to regularly service your home pressure system is a little bit like opting out of regular car maintenance – your car may keep running but eventually something will break and in the meantime you’ll be using more petrol as the car works harder to move the petrol through all the grime and muck in the engine. The same goes with your home pressure system, of which the pump is at the heart.

Regular maintenance is for people who value their investments and want to ensure they get the very best out of them.

On a maintenance service call we check your whole home pressure system – we check the pressure tank has air in it, the pump and controller are running properly, clean strainers and replace filters – all the things that help keep the system running efficiently.

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What many people don’t realise is that if you don’t change your filter regularly your pump could fail.

If a filter cartridge has been left well past its recommended lifespan and has become clogged up, not only will it reduce your home water pressure significantly but it puts excess strain on the pump, which is working overtime to try and move the water through an obstructed filter. When the pump is put under this type of pressure for an extended period of time, eventually it will stop working.

It’s also an opportunity for our experienced technicians to make recommendations to achieve better water pressure and make any small improvements to the system.

Years of experience has shown us that generally what happens is a pump will break down at 5pm on Friday – they never break down at a convenient time – and the after-hours/urgent nature of it tends to cost more – not to mention the inconvenience of it. Prevention through regular maintenance is key to reducing the likelihood of these situations.

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