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Is Your Outdoor Lighting on the Blink?

Outdoor lighting fixture at night

Water ingress is one of the main causes of flickering lights outdoors and because water acts as a conduit for electricity it’s something you need to get on top off right away. If you see water pooling in a light fixture, turn the electricity off immediately and give us a call.

When it comes to outdoor lighting it’s vital you have the correct fittings for the environment, that they are installed correctly and are waterproof.

If you have a DIY garden lighting set up purchased from a big-box store it’s likely it is installed in the ‘daisy chain’ wiring method – meaning the first light is bright, the second a little dimmer, and so on down the chain. This system can cause ongoing issues because none of the lamps get the correct voltage so they burn out prematurely.

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A similar thing can happen when a multi-tap transformer is installed – when a single lamp burns out it can send too much voltage to the other lights on that circuit, causing them to blow.

Usually a working lamp will produce enough heat to burn off any moisture that forms in a light fixture, however if a lamp burns out, corrosion can form in that light socket – add a bad connection which allows water into the wiring then you can end up with corrosion in your wiring as well.

For all outdoor lighting waterproof connectors are the way to go. Some installers (not us) will use pierce-point connectors which poke holes in the wire jacket and into the wire strands to make the connection – leaving them open to water ingress. Burying standard connectors into the ground is another practice to avoid as water entering into them can cause short circuits.

Keep on top of outdoor lighting maintenance and address any issues promptly to avoid unnecessary damage and costs. Give us a call today on 09 414 0030 to discuss how we can help.

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