How LED lighting can help sell your home

A full home upgrade to LED lighting can make a huge difference when you are preparing your home for market. See how PASLR helped one customer modernise their property and help it shine in a competitive property market.

Richard Milne from Premium Real Estate has been selling property for thirty years and says most people walk into a property and will either see a nice light-filled home and they’re happy – or if it’s dark and dingy it can be a real negative. Whether that light comes naturally or through quality lighting doesn’t seem to make a difference to that first impression.

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“Not all homes are north facing and sun-drenched but if you have good designer lighting it makes a huge difference – especially in an older home or a darker home,” he says.

“We find that buyers perceive the older halogen style ceiling lights as old technology, or part of a pre-2010 renovation. Most prefer the light generated from LEDs, the more modern flush fit look and wider diameter along with the fact they run much cooler, are far more efficient and don’t pose the same fire risk that halogens do.”

Our customer’s three level, six bedroom Castor Bay home had been recently renovated with new carpet and paint and a full lighting upgrade to LEDs to ensure a uniform presentation throughout.

Richard says his team are currently selling a lot of new homes in the area, and when lighting and fixtures are not up to date it is really noticeable to potential buyers.

When the property was photographed for marketing purposes the real estate photographer was highly impressed with the way the property had been evenly lit and as such didn’t require any additional lighting.

Check out the results for yourself!

LED Bedroom Upgrade
LED Kitchen upgrade

For more information on the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting visit our LED upgrade page or call us on 0800 255 786 and speak to one of our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

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